Our Capabilities


CSIC designs and installs innovative, fibre optic-based sensing systems for civil construction design-validation and structural health monitoring. Our sensors can be embedded within structures during fabrication – for pre-fabricated concrete members, such as tunnel segments, as well as piles, diaphragm walls and bridge components – or retro-fitted to existing structures.


Pile foundations


Our sensors provide unique insights into the end-bearing and shaft resistance of a pile, giving continuous strain information along the whole length of the pile. This can help in a range of applications including:


  • design validation through pile testing (using reaction systems or load cells)
  • geothermal pile design and performance validation
  • design validation when re-using existing piles


Bending effects can also be identified and quantified.


Our services


Fibre optic sensing systems


CSIC has extensive experience of working with infrastructure designers and constructors in the use of distributed fibre optic strain and temperature sensing systems. Our state-of-the-art, best-in-class measurement systems have been selected for their precision of measurement and reliability in use.

CSIC’s trained engineers can provide a comprehensive range of services:


  • designing the sensor installation
  • installing the sensors on site
  • processing and analyzing the data produced during a monitoring campaign
  • promptly delivering an interpretive report highlighting the project’s findings


CSIC is happy to engage with you either as a primary contractor or sub-contractor.


Equipment selection and training


CSIC can help you select equipment and sensors for your project. We are also able to provide your staff with practical training in the use of fibre optic strain and temperature sensing systems at our state-of-the-art facility in Cambridge.

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